Do some guys really have trouble with showing affection and love to their girlfriends over texting? or whoever claims so just doesn't love the girl?


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  • I don't have trouble so much but just don't want to do it. For me it kind of sounds cheesy when I write things like,

    "I love you so much, you are like my sunshine (blah blah). Your vagina is like paradise except it is a hole I want to enter and then exit, then enter, exit, enter, exit. xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxxooxoxoxoxxo"

    It's easier to just show these things in person.

    • we're in a long distance relationship...

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    • well... i'm a hardcore gamer but he's not really into it... he prefers football.

    • I could never keep up those LDRs. But maybe sending sexy photos to each other or something? I think I could do some letter-style exchanges here and there. I was never good at keeping conversations going online for long though. I'd run out of material. At some point it'd be like,

      "Dear beloved,

      Today I went on a walk. I didn't really go anywhere, I just went around and back to the house -- you know, putting my left foot forward, right foot forward, left, right, just the way everyone else does it. I kept doing that for like 15 minutes but then got bored and went back to the house. On the way I saw a black dog, or at least it had black fur (I'm not sure what its skin color was).

      Hope you had a nice day!

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  • Some guys actually do


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  • me, then I loved her 5 year later, but she left now.


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  • he wants just your pussy. problem solved.