You're in your early to mid twenties, liked a guy but after sex he tells you he's 35?

Is this something easily looked past?

say lied about his age without any bad intentions.


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  • Like the other girl said,
    Age wouldn't have been a problem. but for the fact 1. you lied to her 2. told her your actual age AFTER SEX is fucking awful man.
    What do you mean without any bad intentions lol there's already ugly intentions right there. You lied.
    I would have cut you off completely too how am i going to trust this guy and have a relationship/friendship with him?
    Don't do that seriously.


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  • If you lied, you had bad intentions.

    He lied because he felt she wouldn't sleep with him if she knew his real age. So we already know he can't be trusted and will say/do anything for some sex.

    • she was depressed, looking for company to cry on.

      she wanted to fuck him actually. its not really what you're saying... women aren't always a vitcim you know lol society treats them like theyre children and needs saving hahah while on the other hand feminsts are trying to be men haah

    • Stop using the feminist argument to absolve yourself of your own actions. If you lied, then you were wrong for that. Take responsibility for what YOU did. If she wanted to fuck you then what you lying for?

    • Who said I was me

  • A man being older than me isn't a problem. I am 25 and 35 wouldn't have been a problem but lying about is? That would be bad. I would be mad I think

    • enough to cut him off or just for a week? i mean everything else is great and you are super attracted

    • I might try but I wouldn't forget about it. Lying about the age just feels weird to me. I would wonder on what else he's also lying.

  • I don't think it would really bother me, but I mean why lie about your age? If I was into you and willing enough to have sex with you, why lie?


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