How long should I chat with a woman on OKCupid before giving her my phone number so we can text instead?

We're on day three of talking, and we hit it off pretty well. I just hate the chat system on there.

Day four, actually.


What Girls Said 2

  • Maybe try something like kik instead. Actually a great system and not tied to any phone numbers, that way she won't feel uncomfortable.

    • I've never used that... What is it, exactly?

    • It's a free messaging app that isn't linked to any of your personal accounts. I think an email maybe but no phone number. It's the same as texting, you can send pics, videos, lots. And it actually works better than texting sometimes. Pretty popular too even for the 30+ age group. In fact, everyone I use it with is 29-45.

  • If you hit it off well than just ask her.
    I'm on OKC too and a lot of times if I feel the connection I would just give him my number right away. Some guys asked me a week or two later, others asked me day 2-4. but really, if there's a connection it doesn't matter. just ask her.


What Guys Said 1

  • Just ask her what she needs to move this to the next level which I suggest would be a phone call. She can call while hiding her number and you can see if the chemistry is still there. Texting, like chatting, is risky, esp when the important things come up, because 95% of interpersonal communication is in the non verbal cues and those are all missing in text and chat.

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