We made out and left things on good terms, so why is he suddenly avoiding me?

My guy friend and I were playing around this weekend and one thing led to another. It didn't go too far, but far enough. Now he is not reading or responding to my messages, despite telling me to talk to him this week. I am starting to think that he regrets what happened. We admitted that we both wanted this, but now I think he changed his mind. I'll be seeing him this weekend at work and I am not sure what to think or how to act.


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  • He is just a bit freaked out. He needs time to process this. It is probably a matter of him needing some action at the time and you were there and now he feels like he used you and possibly ruined the friendship. Or he thinks a relationship has started but all he truly wants right now is just a friendship. Just tell him not to freak out, it was fun, you enjoyed it and now it is time to be friends again.


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  • Apparently you have Found out that 'My Guy Friend' Is... A Grudge Bearer.
    I hate to be the Bearer of Bad News here, dear, but he May still have this Sour Ball and All.
    With someone like this, just go About your Business, and don't Suck up to him too much, but instead Act... Like nothing is Wrong. He has a Big World in Which to get over It In, and if he Really Likes you, then he will Forgive and then Forget.
    Good luck. xx


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  • He probably didn't think it would be too weird and it got weird for him after the making out was done. I would just give him time to process his feelings.

    • Well, he did say "wait, is this going to get weird?" Right before he kissed me the first time. I said no, and we continued. I guess it got weird for him once he had time to think. Now I wish it hadn't happened.

    • The way you make it sound as you had some sexual tension (attraction) to each other that was going to get explored sooner or later. I think once your able to talk to it out you guys will be find. Don't regret it, it will sort itself out.

    • There has been attraction for awhile now. I honestly don't know if we will talk it out. I think he will just ignore me until it goes away. I wish I had stopped him. I never wanted to lose him as a friend.

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  • You did your part. You messaged him, you tried to get in touch with him, and now it's up to him.
    I guess he didn't really feel the chemistry or he just didn't enjoy it.
    It's not even like you guys had sex and he disappeared. You only hooked up and he's acting like that already means he just not into you and he doesn't really want it again. Stop messaging him just move on. Even he messages you again, I don't think this guy deserves you. what he's doing now is totally not cool.

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