Is this a good sign he likes me?

after we get done making out and stuff he wants to cuddle and ask me to stay with him? I know we are just hooking up, but I've hooked up with guys that literally roll over to the other side of the bed and don't touch me after the get off and hint me to leave.


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  • Sounds like you've hooked up with the wrong sort of guy in the past. The only thing that would get me to behave like that is if she had a chavvy voice, smoked, kept me awake most of the night, left the bathroom in a mess and raided the kitchen for alcohol or food without asking, and even then that would be in the morning, not immediately after the deed.

  • I guess he wants more. Round 2 may be ;)

    • This one. Either he wants round 2 or he wants morning hookup/sex.
      If he sees you as a girlfriend material, he would have treated you like that already asked you to be one. not like this you are just a hook up buddy. You have to know that just because a guy asked you to stay or cuddle, doesn't always mean he considers you more than that. Tons of guys asks their hook ups to stay so they can go round 2.

    • @millybell yup u got it ;)

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