He's a bad boy!! Should I go for him? Please help?

It's Very complicated, but I like him, REALLY like him. He's my co worker, my boss knows I like him cause I ask where he is sometimes, she's cool with it though. So basically he's kinda a bad boy, he does drugs, has tattoos (not that that's bad), and is a bit of a f** boy. But you'd never guess he did drugs or was a player, because he's so sweet. It's cute actually lol. No one looks out for me like him. He takes me home from work sometimes and helps me out in our workplace whenever I need it (I'm new to the job) and everytime I try to give him money for gas he never takes it. He even makes me food, but anyways here's more about him that's complicated: he's 23, he has a girlfriend, again he does drugs, The really bad kind and will sometimes disappear for days. I really like him and I don't want others to think I'm just some kid with a crush on an older bad boy because im pretty mature for my age ( I'm 16 but I'm the legal age of consent in our state) and i have strong feelings for him. I know he's not the kind of guy you'd take to church but I'm not exactly what you'd call good either, though I am trying to change that. He's sweet and he's strange in a good way and I really like him, which is weird cause I try not to do that relationship stuff unless I seriously can't help it. Please help me out?

P. s- Its no surprise he has a girlfriend he's extremely hot, but I have my reasons for disliking her. Mainly because what kind of girlfriend let's there boyfriend do the kind of crazy shi* does? Please help?


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  • LOL! Mature for your age, 16, is like saying you're the smartest kid with Downs or you're the best speaker with a stutter.
    "what kind of girlfriend let's there boyfriend do the kind of crazy shi* does?"

    You would! Don't even think you'd change him. You're no different than all the other 'mature' naive girls who chase the ''bad boy" because he's hot and makes them feel good all the while knowing they're bad because they do drugs and cheat. Then you get your feelings hurt and wonder what happened. Newsflash, you drove off a cliff full well knowing it was there.

    A mature person would know to avoid a cheater who's into hard drugs. You're just a delusional, naive girl with a crush on an older guy who makes your vagina tingle.

    Aaaaaand he's got a girlfriend! Are you a man-stealer? Is that what you wanna be known as? Not very mature of you.

    Avoid him. Stay in school. Find a nice guy who doesn't do drugs and cheat. Have some god damn self respect.


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  • If you're having doubts, then that's for a reason. But he has a girlfriend anyway. FYI even if you fuck him that won't make him like you... I'm sure there's other girls. If he treats you special, then he does it with all girls!

    I would suggest getting with other guys, and then even if you do fuck him he won't be your main focus, since you said you don't mind not being a relationship. He holds alllll the cards right now and if he cheats on his girlfriend he will cheat on you.


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  • I would stay away from him if I were you. First, he's far too old for you at your age, and the fact that you're under 18 means you should stick to guys your own age. Second, he does drugs. Why do you want to even be around someone who spends money and time on putting shit into their body? Third, he's has a girlfriend. Although, it says a lot about his character if he likes you back even though he's not single. You don't want to date a guy who has a wandering eye.

  • don't be a dumbass and date a guy who does hard drugs. wtf

  • No hun. Age gap is too much. Even though you are mature for your age, you are legally underage. And he has a GIRLFRIEND for god sake.
    I know you have this huge crush on this guy and you cannot help with that, but no. And do not blame his girl friend for his wrong behaviors. That's just how he is his girl friend can't change that and you won't be either.
    Try to look at bad side of him not the good side. and see if he's still the right guy. You are his coworker, of course he can be nice to you, give you ride here and there. I would have done the same thing if I had a coworker who's only 16. and who takes gas money from a 16 year old girl when you are 23. I'm sure he's very happy with his girlfriend they are still together for a reason. Just move on hun.