Girls, Body or face for male?

What would you pick? Which would you smash? Which would you date?

  • Tall (6'+), muscular, not fat but face is 4-5/10
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  • Tall, skinny, face 8-9/10
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  • Short (<=5'8"), muscular, not fat, face 8-9/10
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  • I said b
    But that just means I prefer it. Doesn't mean that the muscles don't add yto his hotness if he was a 5 in the face. But if a guy's personality is a 10? Either one of the categories can claim me ;)

    • Thanks for sharing. It's great to see the impact face has over body. If I asked some guys this, they'd probably switch it around.

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    • Haha please ask the guys an equivalent question, might shed some light on this population. I agree, face is a big factor, I think even to guys! On Average though, I think men prefer a normal to chunky women with a pretty face.

    • As for one night stand, I don't do that, I just can't.

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What Girls Said 4

  • B is my type so I'd go for him.

    • Alright, that's good. Anything against muscular guys? (Just curios)

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    • Really? Damn! Doesn't it signify masculinity/high Testosterone for females? I have nothing against your opinion, just very interested on the thoughts of women. I used to be in high school with this one smoking girl (when I say smoking, I seriously mean smoking) she was attracted to tall/buff guys cause she considered them Alpha. I guess its completely different.

    • Ehh, muscles are impressive. They're a display of determination and are a lot of hard work and I respect that. But it looks bad. If someone is fit and broad and muscular in the way that like.. they don't have a defined six pack or abs or whatever, that can be fine. It's just when there's definition there, everything looks awkward and bumpy and it looks like these weird bulges that aren't really supposed to be there. I prefer the smooth stomach and little definition of the lankier, skinny guys. I guess it's the same as guys either liking big boobs or small boobs or not minding, or guys' preference for the whole skinny vs thick thing?

  • B, just because I don't want anyone muscular.

    • No offense whatsoever, but your opinion will probably change when you turn 18+. Same thing happened with girls for me (not muscular, but you get it).

    • That isn't something I'd take offense to, but thanks? I'm sure my preference will change, but I know what I like now.

  • Either B or C depending on just how skinny or muscular we're talking.

  • I usually date B or C.

    • Alright, are you open to muscular guys in general?

    • Muscular is fine, but I am more into the guy's face. He can be skinny, muscular, chubby, lean and toned.

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