How do I beleive to be and act like the sexy vixen everyone perceives me to be?

I'm super shy and introverted... Not insecure, but reserved, and I don't think of myself as how others have told me I am or how men treat me. Growing up I was a nerd, then after a late puberty, I became wicked attractive and I don't know what to do with it. I don't know how to be so confident and alluring and whatever. Instead I'm hella shy and stay inside a lot. I'm going out tonight and I need tips for how to be sexy around men, like badly... Or how to believe in my sexiness more.


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  • a girls attractiveness usually prevents rejection, so if you see a guy you like. approach him, be sweet, affectionate, compassionate, and tell him what you want of him, and ask him out. its that simple.

    • I never feel like guys actually like me though and I don't know why. Because of this I stay quiet and want them to make a move.. Or when I do make a move, I'm not direct and may be really weird about iy

    • guys will open up to you, eventually if they know what you want. just have to be forward with them.

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  • I believe you for some reason

  • confidence defines sexy

    • But I always feel when I'm being confident or assertive that I come off as full of myself or something, when I'm not. How do I be confident and not come off as like "yeah I know I'm hot shit"

    • real men will lap that up whereas boys cower in the face of it feeling intimidation

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