Does he just want sex or something more?

He's got sex from me a few times.
He still messages me, asks me if I enjoy cuddles instead of just sex. Gets wound up if he finds out I've tried something sexual with my ex that he wants to try.
Gets angry when I mention my ex boyfriend and doesn't want to hear about him, but he isn't making any other moves, baring in mind we've been speaking everyday for 3 months.
Is he shy or does he just want sex? Does he want something more?


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  • He wants you only for him and you're a girl who cannot be so attached to only one, and he gets angry, he wants you to be completely owned by him.
    To do all the nice things with him, making compliments for him not for your ex boyfriend, with the time he will obsessed and marry to you.


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  • Hun he is not shy at all.
    You are just friends with benefits to him. And a lot of times guys hate it when their friends with benefits hooking up/sleeping with other guys, or in your case, telling them about your experience with your ex. They can get jealous, it doesn't necessary mean that they sees you as more than friends with benefits. It's like their ego thing nothing to do with them developing feelings for you.
    If he really liked you more than just a hook up buddy, he would have taken you out to a date or planned something fun like date-activities so you guys can hang out get to know each other more outside the bedroom.
    And lastly, he would have just asked you to be his girlfriend already.
    I don't know. I never understand this friends with benefits relationship. I think if a guy really likes the girl more than a booty call, he will treat you like one, he will respect you as one. not just keep pounding you and leave you hanging like this.
    You asked him if he likes you more than FWB? and he said you were being stupid even asking that question? That means he only sees you as friends with benefits nothing more and he just trying to avoid that question because he doesn't want to lose you (your vagina). it seems you want more than friends with benefits from him so why don't you cut everything off now and see what he does about that.


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  • It sounds like he thinks that you two are only friends with benefits. If he already has had sex with you several times why work any more to win over the girl?

  • Why don't you ask him?

    • I did, he said I was being stupid even asking that question. But then why doesn't he make a proper move

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    • Isn't it a bit forward for a girl to make the first move?

    • No there are no rules

  • Are you an interesting person?

    • what do you mean by interesting? I'm very different from other girls

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    • I guess I'm described as weird. I'm very outgoing, keep a conversation flowing, am good at making others laugh and I'm not very scared to be myself. Do you think he's lost interest is that why you ask?

    • I asked because I've met a lot of women through work, university, colleges and in general only a handful had a personality, the rest just got stuff because guys were thirsty.

      If a girl is boring, has no hobbies, does not have much to talk about etc and a guy is still wanting to be with her, ask yourself what it is he is after and what it is she has to offer.

      If you are interesting then I think it is more likely he wants you for more than just sex.

  • I had to dump my girlfriend for that.. Talking about your ex can really fuck someone's head up.. It'll be the only thing he will think about, jealously.. No one wants sloppy 2nds its best to lie if u got to


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