Are ab pics bad? Is he a f*ckboy?

So he added me on all kind of social media. Messaged me on fb. Then bc he knows me through my sister, I knew who he was. After about a month he asked for my snapchat and we started to talk a lot through snapchat. Not spicificslly, but that was our main method of communication. Is. **He has no ab pics at all on ANY social media
After a couple days I was in a bikini top scing him and he asked to see as he could only see my face. I said yes and we got scing back and forth this way. Now, almost every day we talk from the morning to late at night, a lot of nights we sc back and forth pics of our abs (yes I have them), me occasionally in a bra only (since it's basically a bikini top). He's asked to see more, but I've alway said no, I have my reasons, so he says okay, or that's fine, etc.
We are very alike, and we've shared a couple personal secrets with each other. His mom and sister randomly added me as friends on FaceBook a couple days ago. He has called me "cute", and "amazing" and said things like "look at you", "I wish you could see yourself the way I see you"... Never hot or sexy though...
We've kind of had "the talk", he claims he wants a relationship. So do I. We agree on what a "relationship" exactly is and what we expect out of it. According to my sister, he is very honest "for the people you find nowadays".
What do y'all think?


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  • Yeah he basically has a crush on you but he could be playing around a little bit becomes usually we don't know what we are doing as young teens.
    But still i think he likes you and should get to know each other better.


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  • he sounds like a sweet guy that actually likes you, and it's great that he respects your decision for not wanting to send more than a bra pic. I doubt a fuckboy would be smart enough to say those types of things to just any girl.

    • Thanks 😊 I'm just treading really carefully lol

    • that's never a bad thing to do.