So, what do people find most unattractive about guys (aside from asking whiny questions about why they're not attractive 😉 )?

I'm genuinely curious here. What is the most unattractive thing that a guy can be/do? For that matter, what are the most attractive things? Brutal honesty appreciated.


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  • I find a guy that is mean to be unattractive. Men aren't usually mean so when a man is it is a big turn off.

    I find a guy into gossip or drama unattractive. I don't find it attractive in a female so in man it is doubly wrong.

    The biggest thing a man can do that I find unattractive is be passive-aggressive. Be someone that agrees so people agree. Be someone that can't tell me why they are upset and even go so far as to pretend they are not upset. Says things but when asked directly about it they pretend they did not even say these things. I have to try to pull your real opinion out of you. These type of things make me nuts. I wheedle out my women friends that do this so I will definitely not stomach it in my man. And I pity the man that puts up with this behavior in the female. Bad juju.

    But I guess my theme is, if you have the behaviors that I find bad in a female, I will definitely find them unattractive in a male.


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  • A guy that is unable to take control of a situation when needed.