Guys, Reasons why a guy after talking for the first time (5 days ago) to me... would ask multiple times to meet me?

Is it because he's a player and I seem easy or he really likes me?


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  • It's tough to say what it could be.

  • No because we don't like being pen pals and wasting out time messaging back and forth for months, just to meet 3 months down the road and realize we wasted 3 months. After a week and handful of messages I want to meet the girls I'm talking to to see if we click in person and not to waste my time further.

    • Yeah but he asked to meet me after talking for a day? And since then multiple times.

    • Hmm, nvm I miss read the title. I thought you talked for 5 days. Eh... Still same logic we don't want to waste our time and meeting in public isn't something scary like me asking a girl to come to my place for 1st date. Then again I like talking to people in person instead of texting or messaging back and forth, it takes 10-15 min to have an idea what person you're dealing with face to face vs. spending weeks messaging back and forth with a slight idea.