Guys, Is it true that if a guy is friends with a girl that he feels mutual physical attraction towards her?

Okay I'm taking this with a grain of salt but I read some weird article that attractive girls cannot just be friends with straight dudes without there being a mutual physical attraction. I don't know, guys what do you think?


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  • I'd say usually it's weighted towards "yes". But there's some variables to consider.

    For example, if the male friend is a guy who doesn't have many attractive female friends, and he's someone who is single and has a hard time getting girlfriends (not the type to be able to go from single to a new girlfriend in a matter of weeks, e. g.), then he's generally going to be quite desperate for female attention. When you pair a guy like that with a close and attractive female friend, chances are that he's going to develop an epic crush on her and practically marry her in his dreams, especially if he's a virgin. The longer that friendship lasts, the more intense his feelings can grow.

    You can spot those desperate types a mile away since they won't have that many friends, especially not many female friends, and they'll usually go out of their way to be nice to that female friend in a way that goes above and beyond how they treat their usual friend. In those cases you got like a sick puppy dog following the one girl around who pays them much attention while falling deeply for her without having even dated her, and in those cases it's best to cut them off if the girl isn't willing to date them.

    As you work towards a polar opposite of, say, a very popular guy who is rarely lacking a girl of his own, and has a large share of both male and female friends, chances are that he's not going to fixate on one of his female friends and develop romantic feelings for her. Those types are not the types to crush on girls just because they pay them attention, given that they can quite easily get a girlfriend without choosing the most seemingly easy targets. It'll take a lot more than just running into a girl and exchanging friendly conversations for them to develop any real feelings -- such types will usually need to at least be going on a date with the girl and sharing something much more intimate than mere friends can share to start fixating on a girl.

    Of course whenever you pair just about any guy with a functioning libido with an attractive girl, there's generally bound to be some level of sexual curiosity. After all, when it comes to pure sex drive, anyone with a vagina that looks good is going to be fair game. But that kind of mild sexual curiosity would be no different for the closest female friend from a complete stranger, and hardly an inhibitor to a healthy friendship between a male and female.

    • One way to tell what type of male friend you might have as a female is to see how they respond to when you get a new boyfriend. If they want to meet him, don't look uncomfortable, are friendly to him, and don't cling to your side, you're probably safe.

    • For example, I would say the article is quite false if we're talking about young Brad Pitt. If you're an attractive female and were close friends with a young Brad Pitt, you can probably rest assured that his friendship does not come with ulterior motives to get inside your pants or win over your heart (though for some attractive female friends of his, that might have been more of a hope than a fear).

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  • I think it's mostly yes but there can be exceptions also.

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