Can someone you met online be interested in you if they are talking to/dating other women at the same time?

Would you still talk to and date other girls online if there was one girl you really connected with and was still interested in getting to know? The guy I've been talking to and set up a date with is still active online.
Also, why would he take a few days to initiate a new conversation or get back to me if he appears to be so interested in me when we talk? Should I take this as a red flag that he might not be that serious about me?

I'm really sad and worried right now :(


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  • This is one of the reasons that online dating is terrible. The longer the person isnon the app, the less likely you are to pull them away. It can be a drug to the mentally small.

    • Is it a sign that someone doesn't really like you that much?

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    • It also worries me that he takes a couple of days to initiate a new conversation after we stop talking... What could this mean?

    • Nobody knows for sure. you're thinking too much.

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  • No, that is not possible, if he say he is interested in you but keeps mentioning other women then that is definitely not a good sign.

    • He has not mentioned other women, but I get the feeling that he might be dating other women since we met online.

  • yes, very interested. I'm dating several women right now, including a few I've already had sex with... but the one I'm most interested in I've never met (in RL) and I met her on a dating site (which is not normally how I meet women). But I'm not gonna get serious unless they do, and until there's a reason to... although I expect to meet with her soon and if I do... I'll likely get off that site out of respect as I'm very interested in her.

    • Why do you date these other women if you've already found one you're very interested in? Do you also take long to initiate conversations with her through texts?

    • well because I may be interested... but I don't know for sure-I'll have a better idea after meeting her. We've talked on the phone and all sounds groovy (interest went up 100%) ... but I don't put my eggs in one basket until shit seems pretty real. I'm interested in a FEW women... as far as a potential relationship-this one just happens to be at the top of the list, but that doesn't mean that I clear the list-that has to be earned...

      The girl on the top of the list never has to wait too long, and I do initiate mostly. The further down the list-the less I initiate. I always reply pretty quick but I text based on how much time i have to allocate to each one at that time. Some days some girls get 0, and some get pissy and quit texting as a result, but that's kind of a red flag to me anyway-how do they know I'm not busy-sometimes I am, and I don't mean with another girl.

    • The guy I'm talking about texts me every couple of days, (3 at most) but he does show interest when we talk/text. He asks me questions about my personal life, my goals, etc... He already asked me out too, so I'm just confused as to why he talks to me every couple of days and why he talks to other girls, if he's so into me...

  • you are not the only choice to him, but not a red flag.


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