Did I mess things up with this guy because of my awkwardness & shyness :( ?

I've been talking to a dude online for like 1.5 months. We have had intentions to meet up, but it never works on his end. He invited me, indirectly & through a fb invite, to a band show of his he was in. I didn't mark going or anything, but my friend and I ended up going. Bc she had work, we got there an hour late. When we arrived, he was standing with 5 other people outside the doors, and my friend and I stood a few feet away as she smoked. I had full intentions to say hello but my shyness got the best of me... I believe he is shy as well. Visually, I'm also probably out of his league. It doesn't matter but I'm just saying. Anyways... I walked right past him and inside the show place. I didn't look at him or say hi even though we exchanged awkward glances from afar and his friend saw me too. We had never met in person ever either. I should have said hello but I didn't. I thought I'd have another opportunity that night... Little did I know, his band just finished their part in the show and left right after. I seriously just missed him and my chance to say hello. I messaged him that I missed mMy chance and he left before I could say hi... I missed him perform, and he opened but never responded to my message.

Did is I mess up royally or can i save this situation? I was just super shy... And it was SO awkward. I know he felt it too.. He prob didn't think I was going to come, then I came and didn't even say hello.


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  • He could have said hi too, it's not all on you!

    If you're interested ask when his next showing is so you can see him play

    • He could have but it wasn't real this place to, I mean I should have walked up to him. It was my place to.. If it was the other way around I wouldn't have said hi to him first. I don't want to keep sending him messages either...

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    • But I really like this ome

    • :0 thanks for MHO

      And you'll find another guy you'll really like too. You can still try but dont stop talking to new guys who could be better

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  • It is probably best to just approach him the next time you see him around. This time explain that you got shy. Since he isn't responding back via text, it seems like the only way.

    • I won't be seeing him around. We live 40 minutes from each other. It was the first time we met, or didn't even meet really.

  • He hasn't responded to your message. I guess it's time to move on.
    I'm pretty shy person myself too, so I totally get where you coming from.
    Next time, just say hi and try to talk to the guy say what's up or something like that. If a guy is into you your shyness really doesn't matter and he will try to carry on the conversation. And just let him know that you are very shy at the first with smile he will understand. Don't be so serious when you say that you are shy though it's going to change the whole vibe so awkward just be playful and chill.
    And do not ever ever think that a guy is too good for you or you are out of his league. It is all about your attitude, have confident in yourself.

    • I just feel really disappointed because I know he was interested in me, and I feel like all that build up and I failed myself.

    • No don't feel disappointed it's his loss not yours. I know exactly how you feel, but you think differently, he didn't find you attractive or worth pursuing then that means he's just not the right guy for you NOT YOU being out of his league. remember!! You deserve the best. A guy who appreciates you.

    • ? He has told me he finds me attractive. I don't even think he doesn't find me attractive.