Guys, Men, do you like it if a woman pays for most of the date?

I'm going on my very first date this Saturday to lunch and a movie. I plan on paying for my lunch price, my ticket, and the popcorn and 2 sodas for us. I was wondering if guys like this? I'm not a feminist by the way.

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    78% (7)
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    22% (2)
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  • Gah movie dates are the worst!
    Whatever you want to, splitting is fine and it may go over easier. A girl who wants to pay for her half is plenty.

    • Alright thanks for the advice. And it's not just a movie date we are meeting an hour and a half before the movie to have lunch and walk around the mall.

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    • Yeah, the house was built in 1985.

    • It's funny to see the wiring setups they have in old houses versus new ones. Electrical wiring just looks weird. Not sure 30ish years should really be the cut off for whatever sealant they used, but maybe it was shitty haha.

  • i would be happy if we split the check

  • Yes they do but bot me.. I wanna share dammit

  • Shows your a strong independent woman with a touch of kindness.
    You go girl!!

    • Oh I'm not into that "I'm a strong independent woman" thing, I just want to be a good girlfriend. Thanks anyway.

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