Do guys really care about breast/butt size?

So I'm 19, and looking for a boyfriend. The thing is, I have a really fast matabalosim, and that kinda results in me being very petite. I mean I'm 5'5" and about 110 pounds, I have barely anything there. It's something I'm very self conscience of, but I want to know... Do guys really care about that stuff? And if they do what do guys think of my Taylor swift body type? I just want to put that question to bed, do guys care about the size of my boobs?
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Thank you so much to everyone who responded! It wasn't so much that i am unconfident in myself, I am, just not OVERLY confident... I don't know if that makes sense? i never really felt bad in the skin I was in until this whole thing blew up about girls who are "thick" are mega beautiful (which I think they are gorgeous) it just made me doubt myself my own body type? Especially since I am now in a new setting (collage) and have no idea what to expect.
Do guys really care about breast/butt size?
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