Where are the best places to find an empath/HSP to date?

I have seen the local meet up for empaths in my area and the members are mostly old women.
So where would you suggest that I might come across empaths be it a physical place or online?


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  • Being an empath myself, I'm just curious why you would want to date one? And if you do find one to date, make sure they are an experienced empth. The rollercoaster of emotion can be rather unbalanced when dealing with someone who doesn't know how to handle it.

    So with all that being said, I'm sure you have a better shot at meeting someone online due to there being so many more people than in person.

    • The reason is that me being demisexual would better relate to an empath. I have always attracted empaths and feel we would be a better match since only they appreciate others fully.
      I feel relationship with none HSP individuals are shallow but it's not their fault.

  • Search online

    • Are there any specific sites for empaths to date each other?

    • I don't know any unfortunately

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