Thoughts on Male friend?

I have a male friend who is super outgoing and nice, while Im quite a shy person. He tries to help me whenever he can, listens to any problems I have, gives me advice with other guys (useful advice too, not just dump him, he's helped keep relationships), buys me things when I need them, just really nice. He is very sweet to other people, and tries to help everyone but especially me.

There are times when I snap at him (for really little reasons), and no matter what, he puts up with it and forgives me (unlike other people who get mad back, and never speaks to me again). He makes an effort to reach out to me, and always asks to hangout. I have also told him so much personal information, that I think he understands me better than 99% of my friends. He can analyze me pretty easily, he always knows when I'm upset and always knows how to cheer me up (almost like a 6th sense). We are both going to college (20 mins apart), and he keeps asking to keep in touch and so on.

I like him, but at the same time don't. I don't want to ruin a friendship, but I don't know. Do you think he likes me, even tho he treats me as a friend? Should I keep in touch over college?


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  • When you say "I like him, but at the same time don't" Is that purely because you're already friends? If you didn't think it would ruin a friendship would you say you were definitely interested in dating him? If so then I think you should pursue a relationship with him but make it VERY clear that you would NEVER want to hurt him or ruin your friendship if it didn't work out.
    Regardless of what you actually do you should keep in touch with him. He sounds like an amazing person and you shouldn't let go of him as a friend

    • From the sounds of it tho, does he like me?

    • He definitely likes you a lot as a person, but the only way to find out if he likes you romantically is to ask him. I can't answer on his behalf

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  • All I can say is, keep him in your life.


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  • i really doubt he likes you because he never made a move on you. he just sees you as a friend just like you do. i acted like that with so many females and some of them took it the wrong way because they though i liked them but i never made a move or even complimented them so they had it all wrong.

    this guy acts the same way with other people so i doubt he likes you.

    if he liked you he would act differently with you and ask you out

    • Well, to be fair, early on he tried to make a few moves, ask me out sorta, but I didn't really seem on board so he backed off. That being said, every so often, he seems flirty then catches himself and goes back to normal. Truth be told too, he's nice to others, but exceptionally nice and outgoing to me

  • Should absolutely keep in touch at the least. Real Friends are harder to find and keep after h. s

  • He's your friend. Are you so young and naive that you don't know how rare good friends are? You'd better keep in touch, or you don't deserve friends.


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