I'm catching feelings for my friends with benefits, help?

Okay, so this guy and I have been hooking up for a few months now. At first he was very consistent and dropped hints about being in a proper relationship (he would visit me in my office, call at lunchtime just to talk, ask about how I think of him and so on)

These efforts eventually decreased until to the point where we would only text every other day. Last week, we met up and he said that he didn't want commitment, he was also leaving for Cali in a few months time. My heart sank. Apparently, I already caught the feels for this jerk.

Now, I am torn between enjoying whatever this thing I have with him until he leaves OR telling him that we should stop hooking up because I'm already in the deep. I WANT to enjoy this while it lasts, don't know if I can handle it tho. Any insights?

Did I mention that the sex is also AMAZING. Ugh.


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  • Enjoy it while it lasts humans are resilient you'll be fine :p

    • Lmao i like your optimism

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  • If you don't think you can handle it, then its best to back off and save yourself from a harder heart break later on. Since he doesn't want to be anything serious and long distance seems like a vague result, its the best option.

    "We met at the wrong time. Maybe someday we will meet again in a coffee shop somewhere in a far away city. And maybe we could give it another shot."

    • I'm not considering long distance relationship, just confused about whether I should go along for the ride until he leaves or not. That quote hits right in feels :( Thank you for your thoughts

    • Haha, I have memorized that quote to heart because I am somewhat in a similar situation :) Just glad to help.

  • Stop now and tell him exactly why. IT may be the way to get what you want if he is faced of the prospect without you before he goes away?

    • Yea but I'm sorta afraid that it might ruin our friendship (and lose amazing sex). I'll think about it tho. Thanks!

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    • I really hope so. Thank you!

    • trust me, I know its an awful fear but if he cares he will be back. If he doesn't then its not much of a loss.