How can someone just forget about how much he cared for you and about everything you've experienced together over night?

"Long story short". I loved this guy and he loved me. He did everything for me and he told me secrets he never told anybody else. We would go to parties together, just the two of us and would come home 7 in the morning as happy as we could be. He went to this party island thing for 7 days and still talked to me every day and night. He even came to a city I was staying at with mu friends. he came because he missed me too much and wanted to be with me. He proved in every way that he loved me. I went to Serbia and he decided to come too with his friends so we could spend some time together. But then he was added into this Serbian party group and he met some people there. While he was added we didn't talk for three days because of a small fight. Anyways he started acting distant and then right after his arrival here to Serbia he told me that he's not ready for a relationship and that everything is moving too fast between us. Later he blocked me on fb, insta and snapchat. I asked his friend why and he told me that he was mad because he saw a comment on my picture where I was teasing a friend of mine about having new guys. Yesterday he posted a picture from a club of him and a girl that I absolutely hate and he knows that. She's from Serbia and he met her in that fb group. Anyways I texted him that pic today and told him to have a nice life and that he never calls or texts me again. He agreed. though now he unblocked me on fb and added me on insta and snapchat but I didn't accept his requests. What is going on with him? In general he's a really nice guy and he cared for me deeply, never mistreated me. I feel like he's in some sort of a party transe and that sooner or later he'll wake up and realize what he lost but it'll be too late.


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  • People move on and change their minds. It happens. You should not expect much from people. They usually let you down.


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  • Maybe you two should meet and have an adult discussion over things?

    • I did want to meet.. before. But after he posted that picture I don't feel like it at all. Why should I care if he doesn't?

    • Then just forget about him and move on.

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