What are some helpful ways to get rid of my relationship anxiety?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 9 months... our 1 year is coming up and everything is going great. We both see a future together and he likes to talk about us growing old and our kids etc etc. We even talked about wedding stuff.

Unfortunately I am dealing with intense relationship anxiety. I've always had it but now it is just getting worse as our relationship becomes stronger and longer. I won't tell him my fears and worries because im afraid he will be annoyed or won't want me any longer.

I guess because of my past relationship I am scared. My ex boyfriend told me he loved me and then randomly texted me one day saying he doesn't want me anymore, and that he was sorry for making it seem like he loved me when he never did... then 3 weeks later he has a new girl who he probably knew while we were together.

There are days where my current boyfriend won't text back because of whatever reason (work or with friends) and I will internally freak out or I will think and wonder of he truly loves me like he says. Or if im a burden to him because he is 4 years older, has an appartment, is out of college and has a car. I live with my parents, and am in college, and don't have a car yet. He live 39 mins away from me and is constanly surrounded but women who have good jobs and have their lives together.

I want to stop this thinking before I ruin everything. The thing is, he makes me feel extremly loved always tells me he's in it for the long haul and that he's not going anywhere. ... I realize I have nothing to worry about but I still worry when we are appart. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? I want to believe relationship can work out and i want to love without worrying.

How can I stop thinking he's gonna leave and play with my heart? I need some sense talked into me by people who have or have not gone through this.
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Thank you everyone for the very helpful words. XD Taking the time to try and help me out means a lot. I am going to take up some dancing and or baking lessons to fill my time away from school, work and the boyfriend.

Also, Im planning on openly sharing some of my feelings to my him this week. Wish me luck!
What are some helpful ways to get rid of my relationship anxiety?
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