Should I talk to her or finish it? Problems with her diet and sex life are starting to take its toll?

I've been going out with my girlfriend now for 11 months, it was great at the start but cracks are starting to show, and I don't know whether to work on it or finish it, we have a holiday booked in 2 months too.

She doesn't suffer from anything but my girlfriend probably has one of the worst diets I've seen, she can't go to a restaurant and order a meal, she only eats the starters. she eats really only 3 foods, no milk , no meat and she's been like this her whole life, I spend a lot of time to try to get her to eat some fruit and some salad items in very fine amounts, but it's always been a big struggle, and she generally won't bother if I'm not around, I have the idea in my mind and its starting to show that she's quite aneamic and health complications will really start to show soon

Since we've been going out sex has always been a problem, it's too painfull for her, she's been to see quite a few doctors and had a few tests to conclude that they can find nothing wrong, when we try to have sex a lot of the time it's a no go, if its not too bad for her its not normally for very long, I do sometime think to myself the unhealthy diet she has is linked to the issues we are having in bed

We talk about the future and that we both want children but with the way things are i can't see that ever happening, She always jokes and says to me "I don't know why you are still with me with all the problems I have" and I always used to comfort her as it didn't bother me, but now I'm starting to struggle with it, I know it will break her, but it's hard to stay positive sometimes, any help would be much appreciated, thanks :)


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  • If you love her you will stick through thick and thin since that's what relationships are all about. But it is also about compromising so if you both can't meet each other halfway , it's best to just walk away.

  • Talk to her be blunt and dont sugarcoat it. a lot of Men have a bad habit of trying not to hurt feelings so much so they dont get the gravity of their points across. Talk to her but dont cause a miscommunication by trying to be too nice or careful, cuz if thats the case u might aswell leave her.


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