Which is the best apology to this message as a girl i'm dating went from can't wait to see me again to just losing at me?

my apology -
I want to apologise for upsetting you! I was wrong trying to pressure you when you’re not ready instead of taking it slow and casual like you wanted, it was immature of me and it won’t happen ever again! I understand the timing isn’t right for you to commit until your nursing degree is done and of course work is a priority!! I understand I probably did the whole thing every other guy did, but you're so cute and nerdy like me it's hard not to lol! I have had a great time hanging out with you and it's been so much fun. Have a lovely time at Yarmouth! I bet you can’t wait, what you planning to do there, I’m guessing at least a few 2p machines? X

this was her message she has feelings for me and we have kissed a few times -

I'm sorry but I don't see this working atm and I can see your message being a recurring thing which I Don't tolerate very well I thought it to be childish. Working is something i that i need to do and is a priority at the end of the day. To get to my house from Greenwich will take at least 1 hour and half, driving would make things easier and tbh I don't want a relationship that only entails seeing someone once a month. That's not something I want being totally honest. So im sorry but I can't take this any further definitely not this moment in time. This is the whole reason I've been single for two and a half years because things are difficult and other people don't understand that x

  • Yes it's great and will make her smile
  • No it Sucks
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  • It's neither A nor B here. I say you could try, but I'm not sure if that's going to make any difference - depending on what kind of a person she is - she might've already made up her mind and there may be nothing you can do to change that.

    But definitely try - if you really think you click.

    • okay thanks we do she said she has feelings for me, we have kissed twice been on 3 dates and was considering a relationship if one of us drove. I thought it sounds light hearted and sincere as well.

    • plus this girl ignored me for a month but realised she had feelings for me so got back in contact

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