Is this ignorant, or am I in the right?

Today I found out that a man will soon be able to have a uterus implanted inside them, and would soon be able to give birth. We then started talking about how a man, who was transgender and dressed as a man told their partner, who was a girl, that he was a woman, and was currently waiting to undergo sex reassignment surgery. He told the girlfriend this fact around the time they were going to get married. I said that this 'guy' was a jackass for tricking her for falling in love with him, and tricked her into a relationship that he didn't want entirely. 8 people said what they guy did wasn't wrong, and they would continue dating this 'guy.' Would you continue dating him, or if you're a guy would you continue dating her? Was this man in the wrong, or was he in the right?


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  • I think he was wrong. He was wrong to wait this long before getting married to tell her. It was definitely wrong of him not to tell her beforehand.
    No, I would not continue dating him. He wasn't honest right from the start, which means he doesn't deserve my affection.
    Imagine how that girl must have felt.


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