How do you get to know someone over text?

So recently I met this really nice girl through a mutual friend, and eventually I convinced myself I had to try and get to know her better. I got her number from my friend and texted her yesterday. I've heard through other people that she's a lot like me, and does a bunch of similar things as me.

The problem I'm faced with now is yesterday we were texting about hobbies- but I eventually want to talk about some more important things so I can show her what kind of a person I am. I just don't know how to bring those sort of things up without making things awkward, because I really don't want to mess things up with her and potentially lose a chance to be with her.

I just want to get to know her better (and for her to know me too). How can I make this happen?

Thank you :)


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  • How is the conversation going so far? Can you send some texts? And then tell me what kinds of deeper questions you want to ask and I will help you word it ☺️

    • Hey thanks for the help, do you think you can message me? I don't want my texts on display for the world to see!

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  • personally not convinced you can get to know someone through texts , guess you can still ask them questions and they can reply , so you might learn something about them but really a short in person conversation is going to go way further than a few texts ever will

    • I fully realize that, I'm just trying to get close enough to her where I can ask her to meet me in person

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    • Ah I understand- I do belive we are living very different circumstances- seeing as I'm only 17 and you're 30-35. It's quite obvious that the dynamics of these situations don't quite line up, thank you for your help, it was thoroughly appreciated.

    • well true a younger 16-17 year old girl is going to be more open to do things than a women in her early 20's , they get harder to date as they get older and more difficult. at your age texting and online chatting is very common way to keep in touch so it shouldn't be an issue , some of the girls I had run into were very difficult higher end women with ridiculous standards in guys , who drop guys for rather fickle reasons

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