Dating advice to a nubee?

so recently, i posted about breaking up with my boyfriend because i fell in love with my best friend. So i broke up with my boyfriend and remained single. but I've realized that i only stayed with my boyfriend to keep me sane. now im finally single and i wanna take the next step with this guy (my best friend) and we've said we love each other but its so hard. well he makes it so hard. he says he wants a relationship but he's scared his gonna ruin it. Like how? what does that even mean? if you love some1 it shouldn't be that complicated. He says he's gonna marry me in the future. But i dont wanna hear that. I just want to have a relationship right now. We have a great friendship, we hang out all the time, we kiss but thats it. But we're not actually bf/gf. All we're doing now is telling each other we love each other once every blue moon. We've kissed and i wanna move to the next level but, we're still just friends really. Im so much in pain. i just want to be with him. I dont know what to do anymore.
i have only had one real relationship so i dont know how these things work. im 18 by the way and his 23. we're in the same university.
should I just get over him, cause his playing with my emotions?
or should i Believe him when he says he's scared to ruin it... or is that just an excuse to let me down easy?
I have been an emotional roller coaster for the past months.


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  • if it all fucks up he doesn't want the friendship to end I guess so just reassure him like it will all be fine if it doesn't work out

    • how i am supposed to do that exactly... were like best friends... we hang out all the time... in the same class. in the same groups. so its hard to walk away from things with him because his in everything. i have tried stayin away from him but he always seems to pull me back with " why i am i being like this, and he misses me"... what you suppose i do?

    • ask him why, and for those reasons you can either support him or have. a better understanding

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  • You cannot make him change his mind. You can only try to drive him a little crazy by teasing/seducing the hell out of him.