What should I do if my boyfriend is ignoring my text?

My boyfriend said he really likes me and stuff and today we hungout and stuff and then later on he had to go because he was late to work so he dropped me off to the bus and then he went on his bus to work and an 20 min later I texted him saying "hope you're not late for work and sorry if it's my fault or if it's because of me" and it's been over 3 hours but I haven't gotten a text back and he usally always texts me back. I mean I understand that he's at work so he can't use his phone but when I texted him he was on the bus on the way to his work so why would he ignore me? Do you think he's mad at me? (Btw it's not my fault that he was late he just didn't keep track of time but I just said sorry). What should I do?

8 hours not 3 hours and he always has his phone ok him too! When me and him are together he always replies back fast to other people
Nevermind he finally replied back!!


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  • Nothing, next time ignore his texts for 8 hours