Survey about love?

This is pretty much only for those who have been in love or who have been loved

1) How many times have you been in love?
2) How many men/women have been in love with you?
3) Have you ever experienced unrequited love?
4) Has anyone experienced unrequited love for you?
5) Have you said the words "I love you" without meaning it
6) How many times have you been the first one to say "I love you"? Did they say it back?
7) How many times has someone else said "I love you" first?

My answers:

1) Just once
2) 6 men and 2 women have been in love with me (excluding customers/random people who barely know me).
3) No
4) 5 men and 2 women have been in unrequited love with me (well maybe 1.5 women, it's complicated)
5) I've said it to 3 of 5 men without meaning
6) I said it first just once, to the one guy I've actually loved, he said it back
7) all other times


Most Helpful Guy

  • Seriously?

    1) Absolutely None, because it was really all just blind infatuation or even lust from physical attraction, as it is completely a whole bunch of lies and deceptions going into my mind.

    2) Let me check, also None

    3) Hmmm... possibly once or twice, maybe three times, but it's been so long I can't remember any of it any more. You do meant crushes, right?

    4) Performing a memory check... Nope, at least no one has ever desperately try to reveal that they had ever felt such a way about me, so I'm all good here for number 4

    5) To someone or to something? To someone, I don't even remember the last time I ever said those words, like ever. So I'm more than certain I had never spoken them at all.

    6) Again, nope, never had happened

    7) Also, never happened. But if it ever did, I'd tell her that it's all just in your head. Eventually it will all fade, as it's just the work of hormones and chemicals in our brains and bodies trying get us to desire and desire to mate and procreate. Sorry, but you wouldn't want to hang around me, I'd only make you miserable and I absolutely never want to "procreate".

    • "This is pretty much only for those who have been in love or who have been loved"

    • Sorry about overlooking your specific requirements. After I had learned the truth about unrequited love, lust, desires, etc., I can't agree with it at all anymore. I feel it's just there for us to initiate, procreate and then settle, or feel chained and unhappy about it when things turned out to be much less than we had originally expected, as that's why breakups and divorces always can happen, and couples can fight a lot and not get along if they aren't able to tolerate each other or at least learn to do so by compromising. So I decided that I want ABSOLUTELY NONE of those drama, I'd remain single till the day I die, or at least until there is a real opportunity to cheat death somehow, if ever, such as through advanced technology developments in the future.
      Besides I don't really see much point in it any more, if I were to have someone to love then I have someone to lose, and if I never do then I have nobody to lose.

      But I'm all good.

      Thanks for the MHO!

Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. Once
    2. One, I hope. (another guy has said he loved me, but we were 10 at the time xD )
    3. Kind of
    4. Unrequited wanting a relationship with me, but I don't think it was love either time
    5. I don't think so. Not in a deep and meaningful way, maybe in a more flippant, friend way (like, I didn't love them as a friend and said I did)
    6. Once, and not yet. But he has said 'I adore you'. And that he sees his future with me. And many other sweet things
    7. Never (apart from that time between 10 year old me and another 10 year old :') )


What Guys Said 1

  • you're lucky for experiencing so much, i've never been in love yet


What Girls Said 3

  • 1. Just once as well but it ended so badly I doubt it can happen again.
    2. Two people actually loved me. A lot of people just said "I love you" without the whole meaning.
    3. No.
    4. Yes those two guys from question two.
    5. No. Unless it's after sex which I don't think that counts.
    6. Never.
    7. That one first guy from question one said it first and I said it back. The guys from question two said it and I didn't really say anything back.

  • 1) twice
    2) one that i know of
    3) yes once
    4) not that i know of
    5) no
    6) no
    7) once and i said it right back

  • 3 times (but I only count once)
    1 that I believe for real.
    Yeah :(
    Twice and yes they both did.