What would you do in such a situation?

I've always found this guy in my office building quite cute but only really started noticing him after realising that he looks my way quite abit. Like when he passes my office etc (we aren't colleagues).

But after I started returning his eye contact, he's been abit different. He'd still pass my office but not look in and if we bumped into each other in the hallways, he'd quickly avert his gaze but looked like he had a "sort of" smile on his face, like an acknowledgement, but not a.. full smile.

I do notice that people here aren't very open to interacting with strangers, even if it means a nod/smile/hello. There's like a sort of fear and everyone just keeps to themselves.

So it's always difficult to further anything with anyone... especially a stranger. what would you do here?


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  • He's shy and nervous.


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  • You should walk right up and tell him you are DTF. Or offer him a NSA blowjob.

  • He is shy I guess, but I wouldn't date where I work


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