Is this a good idea?

So I'm going to an all boys school yet I want to start dating. In that regard I have no possible girls to date that I already know and I'm pretty bad at meeting new ones. So I thought up a pretty crazy plan and I think I need more input on this before even thinking about doing it.

Out of the female acquaintances I do have, one of them goes to an all girls school near my school. She's already got a boyfriend and I don't like her romantically, but she's one of those uber social types who'll dip her toe into everything and be friends with everyone. She probably knows many single girls at her school.

What if I were to message her asking to be introduced to one of the single friends she undoubtedly has? I'm not likely to meet girls otherwise.
Guys, would you ever do something so desparate? Girls, would you agree to be randomly introduced to an unknown guy like that if you were also looking for romance? The way I see it it's like a matchmaker or dating site.

This is absolutely just a thought experiment, I'd only follow through if I got amazingly positive feedback lol


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  • Yes, you should. It is not desperate at all. Make a group date or party out of it with you, her girlfriends and other boys. It will be like in manga and fun. Plus, it is less awkward for your girl as a friend.

    • "Like in manga and fun" lol, I'm not quite THAT nerdy, but I do like the occasional manga. More of a scifi/fantasy person really. Glad you think it's not desparate, but I also think group settings are where I shine the least. I feel like everyone's talking around me and the attention the chosen girl is giving is split between all the group members :( . Thoughts on that?

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    • No need to apologize, just the fact that you agree with my idea is a good thing! Romantic manga tho, interesting. I've tried romantic novels but the plot seems to suffer for the sake of the romance bits.

    • Yes IKR. They are so cliche-romantic novels. Well, Good luck seriously. I hope u get a great girlfriend soon. Please tell me if you do.

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  • I did my time in a Jesuit all-male high school. It was like "Lord Of The Flies" or "The Chocolate War". It was NOT a good time in my life, to say the least.

    Your idea of befriending her in order to meet her friends is not a bad one. However, if it does not succeed, will you run across her again? If you fail, will she taunt you about it and will you be embarrassed about it for the rest of your high school days?

    What to do:

    1. If you are diligent and bright enough, can you take Advanced Placement classes and "test out" of high school earlier? Move on to University or other post secondary school sooner? Just getting OUT of crappy high school early--especially a single sex one--would be advantageous.

    2. Maintain / improve your physical shape. Don't compete against others--that will just bring you down and make you miserable--just compete against *yourself*. I hope that makes sense.

    3. Try an older "teacher" lady, if you can find one. She might just be the one to break you in. Your initial lack of game in such a situation will be non-threatening, and therefore downright appealing, to an older lady.

    NOTE: Age of Consent Laws do matter. if you *are* ever lucky enough to get it on with an older "teacher" lady, *keep your mouth shut* and be discreet about it.

    4. Try putting out a personals ad online, or just interacting on teen internet spots. You can meet people from the privacy of your home, then call them up, then meet. If it does not work out, no bad repercussions, unlike school dances. Avoid public situations where asking them out leads to humiliation and failure. NOTE: beware of internet pervs, trolls, fakers, cat-fishers, and all that rot.

    5. As above, Pour yourself into school / after school work. Make more money and/or build up skills to make more money. Or if you find an academic interest that excites you, go for it. This is always good.

    6. Look into antidepressant meds. They can really help in some cases.

    7. Done enough of the above? Then develop an interest that takes you someplace you haven't been. Ever skied down a mountain? Scuba dived under the water? Backpacked or camped out in pretty places to get away from it all for a few days or even weeks?

    • Lord of The Flies happened irl during grade 9 and as a novel study in grade 10. Except irl nobody died. I don't get embarrassed easily, and it never lasts for long. I was "friends" with her in elementary but haven't talked to her in a while. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

      1. It's not worth it at this point. Too much of a hassle since I'm going into grade 12.
      2. Will try, I'm not athletic but I'm told my body's ok. My personality is far more attractive once you get to know me.
      3. No. That's not a good idea. Trust me.
      4. It's remarkably difficult to do this local and not end up being catfished and actually meeting up with a nice girl at my age. Know any good sites?
      5. Rn it's late summer. Rest assured I've spent it wisely amd have actually made a few new female acquaintances but none of them want to date. My problem is finding someone who wants to date me and not having enough people to choose from.

    • (Gotta split this in half due to word limit)
      6. No. I have ways and friends to help me deal with the occasional heartache.
      7. Heh. After high school, maybe :) . Love skiing tho.
      Thanks for the comprehensive opinion, I love reading this stuff!

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  • If she knows you go to an all boys school then she would understand why you're asking her. Go for it!


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