How can I tell if someone is serious and not with anyone else?

Im been trying to be with someone for about 6 months trying to figure it out. The reason i had so much trouble because of the age gap of 13 years okder then I. Also, the fact he does come from a diff country, diff beliefs, religion etc we clash. But yet we have so much fun and have a great time and care for each other. But i worry bc he has told he he owns 3 homes in his country and he not married and has no kids but i feel a bit shacky on it. He treats me well and all but i been with many people that all lied and had a live in or serious girlfriend they already had and it would last until i start to piece it together but with him its hard to tell since this is a diff play ball field to me.

He says he plans to stay if we work out but it doesn't make me fully comfortable and it doesn't help when i dont really have a lot of support with fam or friends. At this moment im taking a lot of time to get to know each other but it doesn't make it any better. I only talk to his friend once on the phone for like 5 min to say hello since all his friends are back home and he refuse to make any friends here. But he has no problem talking to people and has said if anything hell talk to women but its just talking noting more then that. Which confuses me greatly. He willing i go where i want to go and he wants me to do well in what i want to do but even still i dont know if he has any others i have never met his fam that do hapoen to be here and it seems all his friend are back home so im at a loss. He met and saw my sisters for some hrs and met my mom for a shott while so he know who my fam are just haven't fully let him in since i haven't at all met any of his family or friends to balance it out so i feel were in this. He says when he moves to his new place be hopes to get soon ill be over but that still doesn't reassure much.

I guess i want to know how do i know he doesn't have someone back at home in his country that he talks so much about.


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  • It seems like you having hard time trusting him and he hasn't proved himself enough.
    If you are skeptical, take things slow and learn more about him first do not rush into anything.
    Maybe he really has a wife and his kids back home maybe he doesn't have 3 houses. try to play it smart.


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