I was catfished, found and told the real guy who's socially popular, now I want to date this guy question is should I go for it?

I started talking to this guy for 4 months online, found out the day before my bday he had been catfishing me the entire time, this girl sent me a screen shot of the real guy's profile, I sent him a message about it, now I want to date this guy I'm usually not obsessive or into that mushy shit but I figure I've wasted 4 months of my life so he's mine now lol ( yes bc of my own stupidity yes I did suspect) thing is I usually get what I want in the end lol unless it's for my own good then usually not..


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  • So is it like a way to say "yeah u catfishes me but I'm too stupid to date someone else". Is that what ur saying?

    • No I'm saying I want to date the real guy not the guy who did that to me lol

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    • I'm just sayin'

    • I'm insane you would be too if you've seen all the things that I've seen ijs..

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  • I don't really get what you trying to say here.. but really, a guy talked to you for 4 freaking months and hasn't asked you out means it's a red flag.
    Anybody who is very much interested in you make time to see you no matter what.
    I met this guy from VA online (I'm in NY), and the first/second week he asked me if we could meet. When a guy is into you they make time for you they do whatever it takes to see you.
    For him to drag you for 4 months is not right and why would you even wasted your 4 freaking months on this guy thinking he's legit into this.
    And be careful when you meet someone online. I use online dating site and I always extra extra careful when I talk to someone. They could have faked their profile. When a guy has nothing to hide and he's legitimate, you will just know that whatever he tells you is legit, also that he's into you in the first week or two of talking to him.
    So your question is you want to date this guy who dragged you for 4 months or a new guy? If it's the 4mos guy, hell no do not see him. He's so rude, shady, he just doesn't sound right. If you meant a different guy you met after, why not give him a shot. But always always be careful. and next time, if a guy doesn't ask you out within 1-2 wks of talking, unless he has business trip/vacation/or some legit reasons, move on. means either you were catfished or he's not that into you.

    • it was long distance and I normally don't do stupid sh*t like this but I lost my step dad and a lot of other f*cked up sh*t happened all in that 4 months I suspected what the douche bag was doing but I didn't follow through so I know its my own fault but I was vulnerable moved to a new town and kept to myself.. No one really or fully understands unless they've been there BUT I DEFINITELY DON'T MEAN I WANT TO DATE THE CATFISH GUY I hate him the only thing maybe good about the bastard is that he lead me to the real guy and I want to date the real guy no matter how crazy or unrealistic it sounds I know that it can't happen for a while I'm busy working on me right now I'm not ready for dating atm tbh