Why would a guy be hot & cold in the beginning stages of dating?

list of reasons, please not just one. I'd like a bunch.


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  • People behave that way because they have other issues taking their attention. So this might make things look calm, but when issues are cleared the attention returns.

    • It isn't always another female?

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  • I would back off completely when he goes cold. I had a guy do that to me and I pressured for the truth, I found out he was confused about his feelings and afraid of being hurt, in other words he didn't want to commit. Be very careful and I would expect the worst because I tried to talk to him about it and he said everything was fine. Now I'm left out in the cold and I gave up complete hope on him. A normal relationship doesn't go that way, if someone cares for you, they will act pretty much the same.

    • How long did you know him for? And how long would he be hot, and how long cold?

    • I knew him for 2 months and he started going cold after a month. In that month he was very hot in his approach to me, so it was a shock to me when he started w/drawing.

    • That 1st month, the way he cared for me drew me in emotionally.