Is it normal for a guy to date 8 different girls in a 6 month time frame?

I think I have a problem with women that I need to get checked out. So I am a really nice guy, very attractive, and very easy to get along with, and girls like me a lot... too much. I was kind of scarred from high school because women ignored me and never talked to me, some made fun of me and so I felt really terrible about myself. Now because women like me I feel like I need to go out with as many as possible. Anyway so I like a lot of girls, I think about women probably a few times every hour, and I usually think about one girl more than others. Then I date that girl, break it off with her because I dont feel right with her, and then I go date another girl a couple weeks later. Do I have a problem or is it normal for 21 year old guys to date this many girls? I've lost track of how many I've gone on dates with in my life, but these past 6 months I've had more than usual.

And I dont mean go on a date with these girls, I'm talking like 3, 4, or 5 dates with the same girl.


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  • Maybe because you didn't used to get much attention you are kind of looking for it now? Especially since you say you breakup and date new girls quickly. This is not meant in a bad way!


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