Girls, Girl who was making moves has a new boyfriend?

Girl and I flirted for months on the local transport. I never made any moves. I noticed her staring, looking me up and down , looking shocked to see me , copying my actions and dressing up. Then I stopped catching it less and she would always this is when she started to smile at me and purposely walk past and say hi each time getting more and more , even shoving her named travel card in my face. Or staring at a distant all of the trip even when I'm nowhere near her. So after a year of this I came back she had a new boyfriend and looked embarrassed and avoided looking at me. I knew I left it to late and confused her so I commented on her fab pick without adding her saying she looks nice. She seen me the day after and stared with a huge smile. I ignored her boyfriend caught her and followed me into same carriage. She got closure to me faced me when he weren't looking with s huge smile staring at me looking away licking her lips , I got off early and she sent me a message making it look like she never liked me for her boyfriend. I ignored it and she blocked me (he was with her at the time) . So I left it 3 days sent her an apology letter via LinkedIn saying sorry and was meaning to speak with her and I noticed her occurances but was tied up at work. And I hope we can get to know each other in the future. She changed her photo straight away to a casual one. Didn't block me etc. So 3 weeks later she sees me and looks depressed, Sad and frustrated like before wen I never made a move? . Kept looking to see were I am I avoided her resting her head on the windows talking to herself Then I decided to have a little joke and Like a few of her posts on linked in. And she blocked me on that. I don't understand her at all.


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  • Why are you guys only talking on the internet? It will be better for both if you talk in person to one another. Next time you see her (and if she's alone) go sit next to her and ask her what's up. If she's with her boyfriend maybe she give the "hey" look and act casual.

    • Because she was making moves (or at least trying to ) . It was when I started disappearing she started staring at me and purposely walking past blushing and saying hi. But now that she has this new boyfriend all because I was to busy and shy to make my move. Then when I let her know her boyfriend found out her response was that she was happy? I didn't smile back because her bed was there and I was unhappy? . She stared and smiled licking her lips or whatever I didn't no why she did it? I still don't. But then block me cz her be knows. Then not block me on LinkedIn after my apology and stuff. But 3 weeks later looking sad and depressed resting her head on the window. Talking to herself. And looking around at me. But I liked her posts on LinkedIn and she blocked me I was only having a joke. And I can't speak to her as she has a boyfriend. But why she doing all of this

    • I did explain also to her that I was shy. I mean what's the smiling all about. And the blocking and not blocking and then blocking just because I messed about and liked her posts. And then looking miserable on the transport like she did when I never spoke. I haven't approached her so why do all this so confusing

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