Why do I attract girls in public but not in school?

I don't go 'out' as often as some of my peers do but I do hang out with my friends a lot, like go pier jumping or go to the beach, and i usually attract girls out in the public but at school that's not the case. Most people at school like me, in a friendly way, I would consider myself a nice person but it's not often that girls from school like me in a sexual way. Why is this?


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  • Same thing. Maybe it's because you're quiet at school?

    • You could be right yes, thanks for answering :)

  • The school girls aren't seeing the awesome you that emerges when you're not trapped in a school building. Like when you're being all athletic jumping off a pier or chilling on the beach half naked you attract more attention then when you're sitting at a desk in school bored lol. Two different spheres of existence.

    • Wow, you're totally right. I can actually see that now. Last year, when we went on a school holiday to Paris. Some of the guys I was friends with in school but I never spent time with them outside of school were telling me that they never knew I was so energetic and kind of crazy? I guess school kind of crushes your spirit.

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    • Haha yes. Thanks for the answer by the way!

    • No problem!

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