Is music really that big of a deal?

So the other day I got this look because I was wearing an Enter Shikari t-shirt. I listen to hardcore music and this guy listened to like rap.. :P does it really matter that much to guys that you listen to the same music as them? Guys please enthuse me.


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  • the type of music that you're interested in may matter.

    since it somewhat represents the type of culture you are a part of.

    and also somewhat reflects your personality as well.

    but also if music is a major influence upon your life then you'll one/several less things in common. which may limit what activities you do together (eg. concerts, etc..)


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  • i listen to the same type of music you do but I don't mind when a girl likes another type of music. The only problem would be driving and what to put on.

  • Yeah, I don't think I could put up with a girl if she was always playing awful music.


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