Am I being overly anxious?

We've been dating for around six weeks. Everything generally seems fine, met the parents, met her friends. We've said the love word. And the only thing that gives me a bit doubt is the text messages she sends aren't as flirty or romantic as they once were. I'm I just being an idiot? Or have we now moved into the real world of texting? Your advice would be welcome.


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  • you're just moving out of the honeymoon phase it's not a bad thing now your relationship will truly be tested


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  • If I were that girl and would be doing that , it means my feeling for you are changing and in a negative way

    • Thanks for your thoughts. The number of texts hasn't really changed. She's always first to text in the morning, and I'm still getting twenty / thirty texts a day. I just don't get ones about what we might like to do to each other, probably because we're doing them in person now.

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    • No it's the exact opposite

      the honey moon phase is when you stop trying as hard not because you don't like them but because you no longer have to win them over and because you no longer have to be perfect because you trust they'll love you even with your flaws

    • @Kitsunen19 thanks again for your opinion. It makes sense, but it still feels like it came very suddenly. Although over the weekend we have planned a little holiday together at the end of September - if I wasn't interested I would have made an excuse, no money, can't have the time off work. Maybe she just has other things on her mind. I suppose it could be countless things?

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  • Moving out of the "honeymoon" phase of the relationship possibly. As long as she isn't acting different or distant in person, just go with the evolutuon of the relationship man. Don't overthink things, ayleast not based off of this small step.