Why does this happen?

I don't understand... People say I'm beautiful from inside and out but I haven't had a boyfriend? I'm 17 right now and it just bothers me knowing that people say that I'm down to earth, caring , pretty , etc... I know that to love someone else you must love yourself first... I've had some issues with this in the past as I wasn't very confident in who I was... Now as time went by I love myself for who I am and know what my purpose in life is ! I tell myself constantly that studies come first before having a boyfriend but sometimes it gets to me that I don't have one and I feel as something is wrong with me :/ any opinions , advice, comments will be appreciated ! Because I'm quite confused that I've had many crushes but nothing goes beyond that


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  • I've read your question in detail, along with the other comments. As I have observed, when it comes to love and relationships, the real ones have very little to do with how the other person looks but who the person really is. If this wasn't true, then only beautiful people would be in relationships. It won't happen suddenly, but one day you'll meet lots of people you'd like to date who will want to date you. I didn't get my first girlfriend until I was 23, and we're still dating for the past 7 years. Every relationship is different, every person is different, and the best way to conduct yourself is to just be open to change. You're in for a lot of it. And for a lot of people. More importantly, there's nothing wrong with wanting to be in a relationship. But know that while you are single, I would recommend cherishing these moments. Being single has it's good parts and bad parts, just like being in a relationship. Learn from this phase of your life until you learn from the next phase. If you want a more specific answer, you're always welcome to ask me a more direct detailed question.

  • It's hormones for the most part XD
    don't worry about dating till you get out of college because in all honesty if you don't let your hormones settle a few years after puberty you're guaranteed to make some really dumb choices

    • Well it'll be a long time from now and I hope this idea of having a boyfriend at the moment comes to an end... Because all I'm going to do is rush things when I shouldn't. I guess the time will come ! Thanks for your help

    • Im really sorry if I seem mean or anything I'm just trying to stop you from getting hurt

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