Friends With Benefits Complications. Anyone help?

So I was friends with benefits with my guy best friend on and off for 3 years, and every now and then we would take a break for about 1-2 months then start again.
But the weird thing is, whenever we were on a break, it was just normal life. See him every day, nothing weird, normal friendship.
But then when we would get back on it and be friends with benefits again, I would slowly get feelings for him, and try to make it into something romantic. We'd do sexual things and I'd always take whatever he said seriously and assumed he liked me etc.
And as usual when we took a break and went back to being friends, all those feelings were lost and he was just a mate again.
We're still in this cycle and we've just gotten back on again and I don't want to go through the feelings thing again
What is this? Do I get feelings cause I like the attention? Do I actually have feelings for him?
Help please xx
Friends With Benefits Complications. Anyone help?
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