Why do people think it's weird for not wanting a relationship?

Like I tell them I'm comfortable with being single and automatically I'm seen as "she's not gonna find a man" or "You're still young"


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  • All my friends (pssht, "friends") are in relationships but me, and it's like they rub it in my face and even think they're better than me because of it. What they don't realize is that I don't give a shit, lol. I'll get in a relationship when *I* want to, and not a moment sooner, and not just because I want to fit in and "everybody else is doing it". It's just not worth the drama to me, college is hard enough

    • People think it's weird when you don't want the same thing they want... esp. when it comes to relationships, esp. these days when so many people place their self-esteem/self-worth on whether they're with somebody or not. When they see someone who doesn't feel that way it's like, foreign

    • YAS!!! Both of y'all are so right!!

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  • People will think that anything outside of their experience is weird, especially when it comes to something that some had to struggle to attain. Once you finally get it, you felt like you achieved something. But when you see someone who doesn't even want to struggle the same way you did, your brain starts thinking that they are lazy, or that you're superior to them for doing it while they are not.
    That or you got in to a relationship but judge others who haven't because you are insecure over the possibility that you have made the wrong choice and thus someone who actively avoids making the wrong choice seems bad to you because you don't want to be the only idiot - it's easier to be mistaken when others around you are mistaken as well.

  • As you get older you realize that your legacy won't be made in the work you do and that you need something to carry on your history plus lots of other reasons

    The big deal is basically you don't have just one person who can ytruly be there for you

    • Your response just proven my point. Being in a relationship doesn't mean you will be happy. And I believe that being single is the best choice for someone like me

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    • A humab life can be defined in many ways

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