Am I a bad boyfriend for this?

my girlfriend is wanting me to come over and meet her parents and go for a swim. I'm extremely uncomfortable taking my shirt off since I was bullied about my body and my weight. I don't want to go swimming in there pool with all her family around. I've told her this and she seems disappointed that I can't swim. Saying well you don't have to come. We were going to meet up in a town but she was like I rather have a pool day at home since it's my only day off. I feel very crappy about not coming there. I want to meet her folks just not to swim.


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  • I believe that with being this Supposed "Couple," you Both should always Come to Some Compromise so you Both Can... Get on the same Page with no Rage.
    She Should have been more Compassionate with your Situation. She could have told you No problem, just put your feet in the water, as long as you Come, hun.
    I Do see your Point so Explain to her Mine own here, dear, that I, myself, do Not always Swim in my own Pool that I have at My own Place, but Instead, I might Stick my feet in the water, and with Knowing how to Swim, that it's just The Point that I am Enjoying the water and Any company I keep. It's not about the water, But apparently "Hot Water" that you are Now In with her, but Having the Time of your Life with a Potential Wife.
    However, to be Fair, which I I try to be, I Believe that it is the 'Point' with your SO that you 'Can't swim,' and she may Feel that it is More "Show and Tell" with her with her parents because it is a First Time Meet and Greet.
    If your own Reasoning is still Not a turn On, then 'Compromise' right now until you get to Know her Parents and then it Probably will Not matter When you Would come to the House with either Being a Boyfriend or a Spouse... For now, set up a Dinner or even a Luncheon and call a Truce with All Truths.
    Good luck. xx

    • I ask if I could meet them on Monday she was like no il, be too tired. So she won't compromise

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    • She called me ridiculous and a fing pus*y and that she doesn't respect me

    • Oh, well, then, let Us put this to bed on your day off... Off and running to find someone who Does Respect and Find that you are a Real man, not some P*ssy.
      Perhaps this time, this little not so Little Pussy cat has Barked up the wrong tree. xx

  • Go but don't get in the pool, no one said you have to swim

    • That's what I was thinking but she's like no you don't have to come

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    • She's like my parents aren't monsters and I said I know that but it's still uncomfortable for me she's like k. I can tell it's bothering her

    • Fuck her, sorry buddy. Your girlfriend is a bitch

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