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i met this guy on a vacation.We traded numbers and skype id.The reason for that is because we live 4 hours away from each other.So we planned to met up this summer.We had a really good connection.Every morning he would text me and every night he would tell me good night.So I figured he really liked me.He also told me he think he was falling in love with me.And the other thing he said was he would put me b4 himself.So I believed what he said.Then one day he just stopped texting and calling.We haven't talked in over a week.Did I just get played?Should I text him 1st?Should I worry if I text him he will think I'm obsessed?or should I just wait for him 2 text me 1st?o yea by the way the last time we text he told me he wish he was near me so he could hold me and comfort me because at the time I was crying..So what should I do should I wait for him 2 text me?or just get over him ?


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  • It's kinda hard to get played when nothing has happened. I think you should give him a couple more days. Then text him ONCE asking how he's doing something dumb like that. He's probably got an reasonable excuse as to why he hasn't text don't give up hope yet.

    Good Luck


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  • well, when he said he was falling in love with you, how did you respond? if you didn't say you felt the same way he might have felt embarassed. If he exerted that much effort though to text you every morning and night when there nothing physical/you guys were so far apart then you definitely didn't get played. No guy would take the time to do that with a girl who lived 4 hours away if he wasn't really interested in her. So think about what you said back to him and then, if it is a matter of you not responding well then you should definitely text him. However, if you said you felt the same way then I'm not sure.