Girls, Why if I have all the good things girls are attracted am I single?

first I'm mixed, i have brown eyes with long eye lashes, I have a very deep voice

Thanks for opinions


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  • Maybe they find you intimidating

    • How do?

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    • Could be your looks, maybe they find you too handsome

    • Thanks for mho

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  • @Infamous is handsome and somehow, to my shock, he's still single. - Well, for now. ;)

    I think it depends on your location (big factor, but not everything).

    Along with, Are you:

    in shape (healthy-ish lifestyle)
    Good personality
    Social or a homebody?
    Living with your parents still?

    There are a lot of factors & those 3 things aren't ideal for every woman.

    • I'm definitely in shape, hygienic I don't step out the door without showering good and putting on some cologne, I'm not super social I go to work and school then return home, and lastly I no longer have my parents

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    • I'm sure a girl would want a experienced guy

    • People have done polls.

      Few women do want an experienced man. Being a virgin doesn't matter (unless he's waiting for marriage..). If he's waiting for marriage, well, then that is probably going to be a deal breaker.

      If he was some AWESOME dude, then, I'd try. No promises that I could do it, but for him, I'd try.

      - - - I wouldn't mind a virgin. Could teach him how I like things. :] Wouldn't mind that at all.