How quickly can a woman tell if a guy hitting on them is a "nice" guy?

Women is not "nice" guy's sex charity, and they will punish bad game from these guys. Some guys look like a man but does not show in the way they behave that they have a "penis". Like admitting to his true intentions with the women his is approaching and being able to read signals to escalate. To have a man to women relationship, instead of disguising that as friendship, and bribe sex with nice gestures of kindness, and gets bitter when these gestures are not reciprocated in sex or of the kind of affection they are secretly after.

1) Just wondering, how quickly can a women tell when interacting with a potential male that he is shit, or the shit? How early in the interaction do you throw shit tests on these potential men?

2) Some guys would keep conversations and behaviours very platonic. Not that they don't want to bed you, but they are afraid of PDA and public judgement of having desires, by default this puts pressure on women to be the "slut" to initiate, and most would walk away from this situation and put the potential suitor in perpetual "friend zone". What are the signals that women subtly give to these potential men that it is OK to touch you appropriately in public, and be good to escalate?

I'd be interested to see the variety of inputs from your contributions.



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  • To answer your first question... pretty damn fast.
    If a guy approaches me and within the first few minutes, spends more time ogling my cleavage and even mentions to me how amazing he thinks my boobs are, I'm going to blacklist him asap. It doesn't take a genius to realize that men who use an approach like that want not much more than some pussy.

    For your second question... there are no 'subtle signals' that I give that it's okay to touch me in public unless we're dating and I don't pull away or flat out tell you to stop if you try.

    • Haha that sounds like a potential rapist. That's definitely red flag. Guys like that have no game and just primitive.

      I guess that means you're not the type of person who sometimes go to clubs and bars to hook up? Or when you are on a holiday tour and you've met this nice looking guy who is just too polite and not escalating on you and make you think he is wasting your time, when you could have shifted your attention to another cute guy?

    • I've bee approached by several guys in that manner and yeah, definitely more than enough to make me uncomfortable and go out of my way to avoid them.

      What would make me think that a guy who's friendly, but not giving any signs that he sees me as more than a friend? Um.. if he doesn't give me any indication that he's interested, I'd shift my attention to another cute guy any time, really. I'd have no obligation to this first self-proclaimed 'nice guy' if he's unable to verbalize or show his apparent interest to me.

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