Girlfriend wants to have a baby but doesn't want to deal with marriage. She was wanting me to sign a thing saying I no responsibility for child?

Any advice about this I haven't been married or done anything like this.


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  • Do not do this. I foresee very bad things happening for you if you consider doing this.

    Wait for what you want, don't settle and don't give into something to please someone else. Sounds like a dead end relationship for you to be honest.

    • Why would she want to do that?

    • I wish I could tell you. Maybe she just wants a sperm donor? I know that sounds horrible and I apologize but maybe she thinks you'd provide her with the best genetic composition for a kid? She trusts you? She knows you won't fight it? She thinks you're too weak to ever fight it in the future? She loves you?

      Beats the hell out of me, wish I had the answer.

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  • i'd call a lawyer

    i'm fairly certain, that even with a notarized document in place absolving a party of responsibility, if a person has sex with a person then they can be held liable for child support later

    but i'm no lawyer so i would definitely consult with a lawyer first

    • Yeah she told me she was going to get her lawyer to make it where I i would not be held responsible if things went bad. But I am like really I haven't ever cheated on any of the relationships I have had and I don't do crazy stuff like drugs or alcohol and not a abuser. So just really kinda confused as to why she is acting like that.

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    • I told her I wanted to have one with her, but she is like she wants to do this signing thing of no responsibility in case it doesn't work out.

    • in that case i'd be very hesitant to sign it because i'd be worried that she could make it very very difficult to have a relationship with the child. like essentially if she had a child and you two weren't together she could cite that paper as evidence that she gets full custody and you've given up your right to parenting... so i'd definitely want lawyer to make sure you aren't giving up potential rights as a parent

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  • Huh?

    So she wants you to get her pregnanct and then fuck off?

    Dude... don't do it. Bitch be cray!

    • No she just wants me sign that so I won't be responsible if we were to break up. She says she doesn't want to be a single mom of 3 so not sure what she is trying to say or what she is wanting.

    • That makes no sense...

      Doesn't want to be a single mom, but wants you to basically sign away your legal claim as a father in the case you break up?

      Like I said already - bitch be cray.

  • Don't do it if you feel you will want to be involved in the child's life long term.

  • Sounds like you don't have a very good relationship with her

    • Like she isn't trusting of me? I know she has gone through bad relationships so just not sure why she doesn't trust me. I don't do drugs not abusive, don't drink. So I don't know it's crazy.

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    • You need to realize that you have a right to say no.

    • I wanted to have one with her but she is like she was wanting to do that signing and I just wasn't sure if that's was a good thing or not. We both Agree on having one

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  • I think this is a hormone caused mental illness many women suffer from. they just want a child and don't even consider consequences.

    • Well, she found out she will have difficulty having another and she was wanting to try very soon and wanted artificial

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    • She has two lol

    • I'd so stay away from that xD