Is this a fine line if were not exclusive?

I've been talking to a girl now for 12months, that mutual best friend with feelings, connection, chemistry etc,. I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket incase we don't become exclusive (In past I've put all my efforts into one girl and it didn't work out). So, if I become friendly with another girl, start talking and getting to know her, is that ok or not? I was thinking "keep my options open" kinda thing. I have to look out for myself, whats best for me etc, but at same time I feel like I'm being unfair? Should I tell them I talk to another girl or keep quiet? It feels like I'm cheating, but am I if I'm not official?

I don't know what to do for the best.


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  • You are technically single. You don't need to feel guilty or anything but I understand exactly what you saying.
    There's nothing wrong keeping options open and date people. And if a girl asks you, just be honest. She should understand that and do the same she's single as well. And you shouldn't be judging her either.

    I personally tend to focus on one person even we not exclusive.. I mean you kiss and make out, like some people even having sex before they become exclusive. I don't want to kiss this guy today the other guy tomorrow and the other one following.. and vice versa

    Nothing wrong with you though but just be honest. I totally understand guys do that way but once my date lie, I can't accept THAT.


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  • Nah. You're not being unfair or doing anything wrong. You're being WISE.


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  • Does this lady understand you're not exclusive? She might think otherwise! Dating two ladies at the same time is cheating if they don't know about the existence of each other.

    How would you feel if either lady were dating other guys?

    • yes, she does but she does know i like her a lot

    • and she liked me, just not sure if it will go the distance

    • You won't know until you try. Hesitate, and it might fail!