How do I tell my friend that I like him, or should I even?

I had never thought of him as anything more than a friend for the longest time, I guess other people could see it but I was to busy focusing my feelings on someone else and just looked at him as my sweetheart guy friend who always got the girl.

We became closer and I continued to look at him as a friend till one night we were out together dancing, not normally a big deal, and we looked at each other and something just clicked. We ended up going home together and even after I insisted we were still just friends. For the next 3 weeks we would go out and occasionally make out or something but after we hooked up again I stopped it because I was afraid it would end in ruins.

Things changed then, we didn't talk for a bit, I think he was hurt, but we started talking more again and have even hooked up twice. All my friends think he likes me due to the fact he gives me more attention and messes with me the most. I just am worried that I am miss reading something and I don't want to ruin us. Honestly I am happy with where we are currently, I don't mind taking things slowly, its more that I am afraid that he will lose interest.

All my friends say I need to talk to him and maybe I do but I also think that he just doesn't know how I feel because when I like someone I tend to withdraw but I just don't know.

Sorry it is long any advice would help!

I guess a second part to my question is if you even think I need to talk to him about it, like I said I personally am not ready to take the next step yet but I know I want to in the future. If you were a guy in this situation would you want me to confirm that I like you now or just let it wait till I am ready to take the next step?
How long does it take for you to lose interest in a girl?
Also he always is the one that gets us to hang out, should I also ask him to hang?


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  • Tell him he is a great guy and you think he would make a great boyfriend and then ask him if is interested in dating you.

  • Just tell him you have feeling for him and that you want to see where it will go.

  • There's no problem is telling a guy how you feel, just don't always expect him to give you the answer you're looking for


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