Guys, when your girlfriend or boyfriend is upset with you, what do you do to make them happy?

My boyfriend ignores me when I'm upset and I'm just wondering if thats normal. It's like he's comforting himself instead of me... I'm confused and a little hurt.

Guys in a relationship only please.


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  • I do tons of different things hug them tickle them offer to take them out for dinner or to the park
    multiple cheek kisses
    pull them close to me and just say I'm sorry

    I'd rather there not mad at me if I'm dating them I do t want to lose them and upset women make BAD decisions


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  • I apologize, and then give him space. When he is no longer angry, I try to make him laugh, so he forgets what I did... lol

    • your 14 pay attention in school you don't need anything from boys until you're my age

      be careful your hormones are evil

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  • I apologize and give him his space.

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